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Call us crazy for adding even more emails to our Inboxes, but we love a good newsletter. Today, our co-founders Victoria and Lisa are sharing the newsletters they love opening. Do you receive any of these? What are your favorite newsletters you never miss out on?

Lisa's Picks:

Alexandra Franzen
Alexandra Franzen's email has been visiting my inbox for years, and is one of the very few I still allow in my main inbox, because I will stop whatever I'm doing to read. Her emails are inspiring and encouraging — and always somehow exactly what I need to hear at the moment.

Melissa Cassera
Her newsletter is another staple in my main inbox. She has a knack for storytelling, but also keeps it short, sweet, and actionable. It's always food for thought on what I can be improving in my business — in a way that's not overwhelming.

Paul Jarvis
Paul's newsletter is another great resource for business thoughts, ideas, and motivation. His emails come every Sunday and give me something to reflect on going into the week.

XO Sarah
Sarah shares tons of great tips on blogging and social media. I always learn something new and receive a(n often much-needed) kick in the butt to keep working towards my goals.

Victoria's Picks:

Unsurprisingly, most of my newsletter must-reads are design related. If you're a type nerd or into le visuals, you need to be reading these:

Brand New
Brand New is a relatively recent find for me; it's one of two blogs published by the graphic design firm Under Consideration (the other, which is also a must follow sans newsletter, is Art of the Menu. As the name suggest, it showcases gorgeously designed restaurant menus from all over the world!). The Brand New blog focuses on corporate identity design work, and the community there is certainly lively. If you sign up for the newsletter, you'll get a weekly digest showcasing all the blog posts from the week, polls featuring what revamps people hated and loved, plus the top comments from posts. It's fun!

I luuuuurve Jeremiah Shoaf's monthly TypeWolf newsletter. You can sign up by entering your email at the bottom of that page. An accompaniment to his amazing site on all things typography, the TypeWolf email features posts you might've missed from his website, interesting news about webfonts and happenings in the type world, and notable new typeface releases. You should know about his site; if you love it, you should definitely subscribe to the newsletter.

League of Moveable Type
This is another great weekly newsletter rounding up the best in type and design news. You're guaranteed to discover new resources, interesting articles, and sites that will inspire any layout designs you create for your blog (collages, anyone?). Here's their main site if you want to check out what the League is about!

Font Review Journal
Font Review Journal is a simple, beautifully designed site that takes a (mostly) weekly look at one font family. Each post shares how it was conceived, how it can be applied, and all the interesting details about the font. The newsletter is essential to know when the latest review has gone live!

Creative Market's Monday email
Do you know about the website Creative Market? It's a fantastic resource for anyone who is creating visual content! Each Monday, they send out an email featuring 6 free downloads, from fonts, to patterns, to illustrations. To get the email, you just need to create an account. They also have great resources for bloggers, like media kits and social media graphics.

Later blog email
You might be familiar with the Later app as one commonly used to schedule Instagram content. But did you know they have a fantastic blog and newsletter? Their emails are filled with great content and insights around social media and how to use Instagram — especially since it's always changing! Look for the signup on the right side here.

Pro Tips:

Lisa uses a separate inbox for subscriptions so she can read them all at once, when she's in the mood. Before that, she found herself missing out on content she loved in an effort to keep her Inbox clear for the more important, of-the-moment emails that needed a quicker response.

Victoria's method? She created a filter in her Gmail settings that funnel all the font related emails into a particular folder. When she has time or is looking for some inspiration, she accesses them all there.


So tell us…What are the newsletters you love subscribing to? They can be blog related, or even retail ones — we'd love to know what's inspiring you via your Inbox!


Images by Roman KraftPatrick Tomasso, and Samuel Zeller via Unsplash


  1. Erica wrote:

    I really enjoy the Planoly newsletter. It’s visually appealing and always motivates me to stick with Instagram!

    Posted on 12.12.17 · Reply to comment
    • Victoria McGinley wrote:

      Oh, we’re not subscribed to that one yet, but use Planoly on the reg! Will have to check it out. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

      Posted on 12.13.17 · Reply to comment

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