7 Creative Blog Post Prompts

creative blog post ideas

We’ve all had that moment where it’s time to hit publish on a blog post, but have no idea what to write about. Even the most meticulously planned editorial calendar might have a hole here and there, right? Today, we wanted to share 7 blog post ideas to help get your creative energy flowing! Keep these in your back pocket for those days when you need something fresh and easy to write about:


Blog Post Idea: 5 lessons you’ve learned since you started blogging

Think through your blogging/entrepreneurship/small biz journey. What are some shareable lessons you’ve learned? Are they about the logistics of owning a biz? Something more personal, or related to  career path revelations? Are there specific skill sets you could write about? What would you tell someone who is just launching their own blog?


Blog Post Idea: Your favorite purchases over the past month/quarter/year

In a digital world saturated with product recommendations, put together a post that focuses on your absolute favorites. Pick a time frame—maybe the last month, quarter, or even year. Are there things you bought for closet, home, office, or self-care that you really love? Share ’em! This can go beyond clothing items—think about services that really helped you, purchases for your home, books you’ve loved, gadgets that made your life better, and beauty products you’re obsessed with.


Blog Post Idea: Clean out your phone photos!

We’re all photographers at some point—because we’re constantly carrying around a smart phone equipped with a great digital camera! Take look at your photo library and consider: Are there great photographs you’ve taken, but that never made it to your blog or social media channels previously? Do they offer a behind the scenes glimpse into your real life? Or, are there photos that say something about your unique point of view, aesthetic, or story? These are a great thing to share—and readers love personal posts, too!


Blog Post Idea: Share a favorite quote—then talk about why you love it

Create a simple graphic with a quote you love, then talk about it. Where did you first hear the quote? Did it come into your life at a particular time? How did it impact you? Why do you love it so much?


Blog Post Idea: Re-wear something

If you primarily post about your personal style, is there an old item that’s been languishing in your closet you could restyle and bring back to life? How can your re-wear inspire your readers to similarly “shop their closets?” A similar take could be to restyle a piece you’ve had for a long time, interpreting it through a current trend/popular look.


Blog Post Idea: A Sneak Peek

Take some quick snaps to give readers a pick into your work bag, purse, beauty cabinet/drawers, or office. Then, write about all the items you’ve photographed. People are looky-loos, and this type of content is always fun! Give your readers a sneak peek into how you organize something, or the must-haves you carry around with you! As an example, consider Into the Gloss’ “Top Shelfie” series. It’s fun to see a casual snap of someone’s medicine cabinet, and see their thoughts on the products housed within. You can do a similar concept with your bathroom drawer, an office drawer, nightstand, really anything that houses your personal effects!


Blog Post Idea: Share a list of favorites

Link lists are an easy way to put a useful post together, share content you love, and promote fellow creators. Try creating a list of blogs you love for a specific reason (not just a random assortment), articles that are all focused around a particular topic (e.g. “The Ultimate Resource List for Blog Photography”), or even a graphic sharing your absolute favorite Instagram accounts and why you follow them. Another idea: what newsletters and podcasts are you subscribing to, and why do you love them? Finally, a forever-reader-favorite list is to share books you’ve been reading (or want to read). Trust us: This one works every time. Blog readers the world over love to talk about books they’re reading, so why not share yours?


These are just a few different blog post topics we keep on hand when we need an idea in a pinch! What about you? Do you have any go to blog post ideas, columns, or series you turn to when you need a creative idea, and fast? Share them with us in the comments, below!



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