Launched in 2017, <em>press themes was founded by Victoria McGinley (Victoria McGinley Studio) and Lisa Butler (Elembee). After years of creating custom, complex WordPress sites for top style and lifestyle bloggers, the duo wanted to make popular features of their custom designs available to anyone.

With a combined 14 years of experience creating websites for bloggers (and, both bloggers themselves since the late 2000s!), Victoria and Lisa bring a unique perspective to their WordPress themes. Building on years of feedback, blogger requests, industry know-how, and problem solving for their custom design clients, the <em>press team is proud to offer some of our most beloved design features via gorgeous, affordable themes and plugins.

And the icing on top? The community we’re building for our customers along the way.! After you scout out our themes, be sure to check out our Help Desk resources on blogging, and follow us on Instagram for more blogging tips and tricks. And, for all you current <em>press customers, join in on the fun in our private Facebook group. It’s a party in there!

Here’s to happy blogging!

what’s in a name?

Ever wondered where we got the name <em>press? Just like the bloggers we serve, it’s multi-faceted and has a great story!
  • We’re code nerds.

    In HTML, the <em> tag indicates emphasized text. Most commonly, it will render text in italics, but the general idea is that text styled with the <em> tag indicates words that matter.

  • We Love WordPress

    After designing for multiple blog platforms, we can definitively say that WordPress gives its users the most control, flexibility, and customization options. We love it, and you will too.

  • We love helping storytellers.

    We love that blogs have the power to give anyone a voice, whether you’re sharing real life struggles, or beautiful inspiration. The original printing presses were instrumental in spreading new voices and fresh ideas, and in that spirit, we’re proud to be a modern day “press” for our customers.

  • We’re for women.

    Our themes are for everyone! But let’s be real: historically, the vast majority of our clientele have been female entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the digital world. The combination of <em> and press is our homage to every gal who #hustles. They’re always empresses of their domain, whether in life, or on the web!