Welcome to EmPress Themes.

We’re making custom design easily available to every lifestyle blogger.

Meet EmPress.

We’ve spent over a decade designing and coding custom WordPress sites for top style and lifestyle bloggers and influencers. Over the years we wondered — how could we make features of our custom designs available to anyone who wanted to share their voice? And then it hit us:

Hello, EmPress!

Launched in 2017, EmPress Themes is your one-stop shop for WordPress themes and plugins to help you create a blog design that feels tailor-made for you.

Our goal with EmPress is to make your blog beautiful, functional, and the perfect place to share your voice and viewpoint. We are honored to be a part of your blogging journey!

Meet Lisa.

I’m the founder and owner of EmPress Themes. I started blogging in 2010 as a hobby. But something magical happened along the way. I discovered that the more work I put into my blog, the more my life improved in other areas.

And then I literally turned tweaking my blog design into a business, and changed my life forever.

Today, my mission is to help you make change happen in your life, starting with your blog.

That’s why I’m super passionate about simplifying the tech, so that you can easily create a blog that feels tailor-made for you — and lets your content shine.

What’s in a name?

Wonder where we got the name EmPress?
Just like the bloggers we serve, it’s multi-faceted and has a great story!

We’re obsessed with code.

In HTML, the <em> tag indicates emphasized text. Most commonly, it will render text in italics, but the general idea is that text styled with the <em> tag indicates words that matter.

We love WordPress.

After designing for multiple blog platforms, we can definitively say that WordPress gives its users the most control, flexibility, and customization options. We love it, and you will too.

We love helping storytellers.

We love that blogs give anyone a voice. The original printing presses were instrumental in spreading new voices, and we’re proud to be a modern day “press” for our customers.

We want you to rule your domain.

We build products that empower you to create your perfect digital home online. The combination of Em and Press is our homage to anyone who’s ready to be empress of their domain.

Make your blog stand out.

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