Our Favorite Font Customizer Combinations

Let’s talk fonts again! Did you know <em>press offers a Font Customizer plugin, which easily lets you change out the fonts you use on your site? While we built it with ease in mind (knowing most people haven’t spent a ton of time learning about and using fonts), with so many choices in Font Customizer, we know it can be tough choosing which ones to pair together! So today, we thought we’d share some of our favorite combinations.

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The Difference Between Web Fonts vs. Desktop Fonts

Let’s talk fonts! Such a fun, albeit confusing subject, no? Fun for the obvious reasons, confusing because—well, if you’ve never had to work with fonts extensively, you’ve likely never needed to understand the difference between web fonts and desktop fonts. So today, I thought I’d explain the differences, and also share some of my favorite font resources with you!

Desktop Fonts
A desktop font operates similarly to how it sounds—from your desktop. With a desktop font, you simply download the font file and install it on your computer. Most desktop font files will download as a .zip file, from which you’ll extract a file that ends with .otf or .ttf, or rarely, .ps1 (if you really want to nerd out and learn the differences between these, check out this article, but for the purposes of running the font on your computer, it doesn’t matter).

Once you’ve properly installed a desktop font on your computer, you can use it in any application that runs fonts from your system’s font library—think Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop, and the like. This comes in handy if you use particular fonts on your website, and also want to use them in marketing collateral, or graphics for your site. Having the desktop font allows you to match your brand fonts across all visuals, creating cohesion in your branding.

How and why do desktop fonts get used on websites and blogs?  

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Key Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Brand Vision

When I work one on one with my custom design clients, a couple months before their project kicks off they receive a very lengthy questionnaire. In it are prompts for them to think about their blog — not just the aesthetic parts and what they’re hoping a new design might look like, but the meaty stuff too. What’s going on with their business? How did they get to where they are? Where are they hoping to go? What feedback do they constantly hear about their website and their content? What is the true vision they have for their blog?

And guess what? Not only are the responses fascinating, they’re extraordinarily helpful in directing how I approach a project. On the flip side, many clients report that it’s one of the first times they’ve ever sat down to list all those thoughts out in one place. Because the truth is, as much time and energy as we put into our own blogs, it’s easy to forget to zoom out and think more broadly about our blog businesses. I mean, I fall victim to this too! We get so caught up in the day to day minutiae of producing content or managing social that sitting down to take in the big picture easily falls to the back burner.

But January feels like as good a time as any to check in with yourself, and in the spirit of New Year, New Blog, today I wanted to reveal some of my favorite questions from the very questionnaire I send my clients. This is by no means an exhaustive account of the things I like to learn about custom clients, but I think these questions can help anyone get a wide angle view of their blog brand, how they feel about their site, and improvements they want to make. Not all may be applicable to you, but keep this list handy as your blog evolves in the future — some might become more relevant later!

I’d love to hear from you if you work on any of these questions! What did they show you about your own blog? Share with me in the comments, or shoot me an email at victoria@empressthemes.com! Bonus points: pair these questions with our 2018 Blog Plan Guide for total blog domination this year.

Ready? Here we go.

Your Blog Brand

1. How do you typically describe your brand/website to friends, vs. companies you’re working with, vs. readers/customers? Is there a difference?
2. Beyond the content you provide, what are the characteristics that make your brand unique?
3. Does your blog have a tagline, or any sayings, phrases, mottos, etc. that it uses or is known for?
4. Write about the average reader on your site. Perhaps provide a general profile for the typical user. Who are they, what are they interested in? Why do they read your blog?
5. Where do you feel your brand message is currently being communicated?
6. Where do you feel your brand message is currently NOT being communicated?


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