5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Blog’s SEO

how to improve your blog's seo for wordpress

Oh, SEO. No matter the client, customer, or launch date of a blog, it’s a topic we’re asked about all the time—and with good reason! SEO is one of those things you know you should be doing, but it can feel overwhelming to know where to start. So how does a blogger — who already takes on the titles of writer, editor, photographer, accountant, and then some — add “SEO specialist” to their repertoire, without going insane?

Thankfully, it’s not as difficult or intimidating as it seems. Today we’re demystifying SEO for your blog and sharing five easy ways you can improve your blog’s SEO. And, this post is kicking off a multi-week series here on the EmPress blog chatting about all things SEO! Be sure to stop by next week for the next post in our series! Keep reading “5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Blog’s SEO”

A Complete Guide to WordPress Categories & Tags

WordPress is chock full of powerful tools. One of the simplest and most under utilized is its native taxonomy system—better known to users as categories and tags.

Did we lose you yet? We hope not! While this topic seems a little dry, we often find many custom clients and <em>press customers don’t take full advantage of their site categories. But in fact:

Categorizing your content consistently and accurately is the key to showing users content they want to see and engage with! 

Having well categorized (and organized!) blog posts makes your menus more powerful, your search more useful, and can even enhance your site SEO.

What happens when content isn’t categorized well?

In a simple example, let’s say you haven’t been categorizing your beauty posts, with most still labeled as “uncategorized.” If a user clicks on the “beauty” category in your navigation and sees only 3 posts (out of 50 total you’ve written), it tells the user one of two things: 1) you either don’t have a lot of content in this category, or 2) your site is poorly organized and difficult to use. Both scenarios aren’t good!

But what’s the difference between a tag and a category? When should you use one versus the other? Today, we’re breaking it down! Click through to read our complete guide to WordPress categories and tags!

Keep reading “A Complete Guide to WordPress Categories & Tags”

Custom Design vs. Pre-made: What’s Right for You?

Picture this: after years of visiting your favorite blogs everyday, getting inspired by their beautiful content, commenting on their thought-provoking essays, and forwarding your favorite posts to friends, you decide it’s time. You want to start your own blog, too!

First, that’s awesome! Blogging remains one of the best outlets to make your voice heard and build a space where you can let your creativity run wild.

One of the most common things we see with new bloggers is a ton of excitement around what their site can look like visually. With so much time spent on other (often full-time) bloggers’ sites, it’s common for a blogger to want their new project to have beautiful branding, unique page templates, and all the fun bells and whistles, too.

But this brings up one of the conundrums we deal with most often: if you’re a brand new blogger, do you need to spend a lot of money on a custom website?

9 times out of 10, the answer I give prospective clients is no. Today, I wanted to share why pre-made themes are usually the better bet when you’re just starting out, along with a few solutions for newbie bloggers. Plus, I’ll also share when it does make sense for a brand new blogger to invest in a custom site! Here goes: Keep reading “Custom Design vs. Pre-made: What’s Right for You?”