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It’s here, it’s here! We couldn’t let the holidays sneak up on us without sharing a new version of last year’s wildly popular Blog Plan Guide! New and updated for 2019, this year’s guide includes even more spaces to dream and plan, along with new resources to help you get the most out of social media. You can download this and work on the guide as we lead up to the new year, or fill it out any time of year, and simply use the last 12 months of data to help guide you. The choice is yours!

Without further adieu, here’s our 2019 FREE Blog Plan Guide:



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What to put in a media kit

One blog accessory we’re regularly asked about are media kits. When do you need one? What should go in it? When do you send it? How long should it be? If you’re a new blogger, or your blog has grown and you’re thinking about working with brands, we know determining what information to present can feel overwhelming. So today, we’re breaking down media kits — and the best part is, if you’re already keeping tabs on your site stats, a simple one can be put together very quickly!

What is a media kit?
No big surprise here: media kits have their origins in, well, media. Major magazines have always relied on media kits — sometimes called press kits — to describe who and what their brand is, and what their audience is like. You can do a quick online search for almost any major magazine’s or website’s media kit, and immediately learn more about what happens behind the scenes at that outlet (seriously, try Googling “InStyle media kit” and you’ll see what we mean!). Magazine media kits publish information like their history, target audience, circulation numbers, editorial calendar, and advertising opportunities along with rates. Websites can do the same thing, with media kits describing the brand and the unique ways they partner with others.

The purpose of gathering all this information?

To have it ready to go for potential advertisers.


What does this mean for you?
As a blogger, you can structure your media kit the same way as a major publication does, and use it for the exact same purpose. Describe who you are, share information about your readership (including who they are, why they come to your site, and of course, demographic information), site statistics, and what partnership opportunities are available to brands.

The benefit of the media kit is that it allows you to provide an on-brand, professional document that clearly outlines how you, as a business, work with other businesses. Sure, if a brand contacts you about working together, you could email back with your site statistics and information about your site. However, a media kit gives you an opportunity to truly sell your blog, as you can include plenty of additional information that will convince the partner you’re the perfect fit! Plus, if you have a set brand identity for your blog (think: logo and a dedicated set of fonts and colors you use on your site and all marketing communications), presenting a document with these elements, along with photography from your site, will tell a true visual story about who your brand is and what it has to offer. Way more immersive than a simple email, right?

As you might’ve guessed, kits should have four main components regardless of any other bells and whistles: 1) information about you, 2) information about your readers, 3) your site statistics both on your blog and social media platforms, and 4) how you partner with brands. Let’s take a look at each of these in greater detail:

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Link Up! 5 Tools Under $50 We Can’t Live Without

It’s time for our first ever <em>press Link Up! It’s the start of a new series in which each month, we’ll release a blog post prompt, and anyone who wants to participate can write a post answering it! All the details of our Link Up are here, but just to recap, our first prompt was:

What are 5 items under $50 you can’t live without?

Today, we’re so thrilled to be sharing 5 work tools under $50 that are total must-haves, AND featuring a bunch of other bloggers who are answering this question with us. Read on to see our picks, and to find out what 16 other bloggers listed as their can’t-live-without items! Keep reading “Link Up! 5 Tools Under $50 We Can’t Live Without”