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  • Boutiques
    • How do I customize the Boutiques plugin?
      The Boutiques plugin has several customization options, depending on the layout you choose, and even which features you do and don’t populate. How to Create a Page for Your Shop: 1. Once the plugin is installed and activated, create a new page by going to Pages → Add New. Name the page Shop, or something…Continue Reading
    • How large should I size widgets for the Boutiques plugin?
      When creating boutique widgets for our Boutiques plugin, the size of the widget depends upon your theme, as well as which Boutiques layout you are using. For Miramar and Brevier theme users: If using the Featured Retailers template, we recommend a max widget width of 900px. For the Featured Instashop template, size your boutique widget at 680px.   For…Continue Reading
    • My rewardStyle widgets won’t display and are only showing the shortcodes.
      There is a known bug in the rewardStyle WordPress widget in which when the widget is updated, it will sometimes deactivate. This has nothing to do with <em>press themes or their compatibility with the rS WordPress widget! If your Shop the Post plugin or Boutiques plugin is only displaying rewardStyle shortcodes, we recommend going to Plugins…Continue Reading
    • I don’t see the Boutiques plugin in my Customizer. Where is it?
      Our Boutiques plugin is unique in that its settings do not live in the Customizer! Instead, you will edit your Boutique settings via a page. Check out this Help Desk article for info on how to create the page and install your preferred Boutiques template.Continue Reading