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  • Grid (Filterable Archives)
    • What does the Grid plugin do?
      The Grid plugin features a second archival layout for specific categories. With Grid, you can assign certain categories to return posts in a 3-column grid layout, creating a beautiful, easy-to-scan layout for your readers (see example below). Grid also features a corresponding sub-category menu at the top of the page, so that readers can drill…Continue Reading
    • How do I assign Grid to my categories?
        TO ASSIGN GRID TO CATEGORIES: Once installed and activated, simply go to Appearance > Customize and look for the EmPress Grid tab. Select which categories, when clicked, should return the Grid layout (pictured left). That’s it! Here’s a short video showing you how to do this:     ADDITIONAL TIPS The menu feature at…Continue Reading
    • How do I get the Grid filter menu to appear?
      The menu feature at the top of Grid naturally feeds in sub-categories of the parent categories you check off. For example, if you had a parent Beauty category, with sub-categories such as Hair, Makeup, and Skincare, those three sub-categories would appear at the top of the Grid layout when a reader clicked on your Beauty…Continue Reading
    • My Grid menu has too many items and is too long/wrapping! What should I do?
      This usually results from having a huge number of sub-categories in the category you’ve assigned to feature a Grid. Let’s walk through an example of how to address this. A good example might be a Travel category. Let’s say you had 20 sub-categories, all named after locations/destinations (think: New York, London, Paris, San Francisco, etc.,…Continue Reading