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  • Link in Profile
    • What is Link in Profile?
      Link in Profile is a brand new plugin from <em>press, which allows you to create a customized, mobile-ready menu template, specifically for use in your Instagram profile link. With Link in Profile, your new Instagram “Link in Profile” page is hosted directly on your blog, and features your latest post, a customizable menu of buttons,…Continue Reading
    • How to install Link in Profile
      Link in Profile lives on a page on your own WordPress site. This means that once you create the page and set up the corresponding page menus, you can place the link in your Instagram profile and send traffic directly back to your site. To get started with Link in Profile, use the steps below:…Continue Reading
    • How to fill out your Link in Profile fields
      This Help Desk article describes the various sections and field titles that are part of our Link in Profile plugin page template. Click here to learn about how to install and apply this plugin to a page template on your WordPress site. The first section of the Link in Profile page is the Page Settings box. PAGE…Continue Reading
    • Why is the Classic Editor plugin required with Link in Profile?
      The Link in Profile plugin adds a new page template where you can simply fill out your options in the page editor and the plugin will handle the rest. While the new block editor introduced in WordPress v5.0 and higher came with the ability for developers to create block templates, they don’t yet work with…Continue Reading
    • My Link in Profile fields aren’t loading in the editor.
      If you’re using the new block editor that was released with WordPress 5.0, the Classic Editor plugin is required to run Link in Profile (here’s why). If you don’t already have it, you’ll see a notice to install and activate it during the installation process for Link in Profile. Once you have installed and activated…Continue Reading