Archer Quick Guide

This article includes handy, must-have information about the Archer theme.


Work Sans Extra Light
Butler Regular


Post Width
800px / 1600px

Your blog posts are sized at 850px in width. When uploading images to your site, we recommend a minimum width of 800 pixels, with images ideally uploaded at 1600px in width to ensure they look crisp on 5k Retina displays. Not sure if your users access your site on a Retina display? Recent releases of Apple MacBooks and iMacs all have 5k Retina displays. But, the best way to tell is to install Google Analytics and check the stats related to Browser Settings. Here, you’ll be able to see whether users access your site on larger, pixel dense screens. Learn more about why Retina matters for bloggers here.

Shop the Post Plugin Width
RewardStyle users, size your Shop the Post widget at 800px. ShopStyle users, size your widget at 800 px. We think anywhere from 4-6 columns looks good, depending on the product image size.

Page Content Width
The width of your blog’s page content mirrors that of posts. So, you can size any images uploaded to pages you create (About, Contact, etc) at a minimum width of 800 pixels. We recommend uploading at 1600px in width, for Retina displays.

Theme Color Codes
If you are using one of our Color Pack plugins, you can find hex codes for each of the colors at here.


Scrolling Sidebar
You can use this to point to categories, sure, but also consider using it to direct readers to important pages and external links. If you have a portfolio site, press page, or just want a second push to Instagram or LiketoKnow.It, this is a great place to feature those links. Don’t forget to change out your sidebar menu during seasonal events, like big sales or the holidays, to get readers to specific shopping pages.

Related Posts
Did you know that you can turn featured images for related posts on and off? If you don’t often include a lot of photography in your blog posts, turning this feature off results in fun, big numbers being featured in place of the images. It was our way to include a beautiful, graphic touch even for bloggers who prefer to write essays without imagery.

Create a diptych
With Archer’s extra wide post column, you may find yourself wanting to create side by side images within a post. Called a diptych, you can easily create this by uploading your media, and creating a gallery. Simply select the two images you’d like to use as part of your gallery, then insert into the post. Don’t forget to size them at the same height, so they appear even.