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  • Brevier
    • Brevier Quick Guide
      This article includes handy, must-have information about the Brevier theme. DEFAULT FONTS USED Montserrat Playfair Display Open Sans IMAGE SIZING Post Width With Sidebar: 700px / 1400px  ·  No Sidebar: 900px / 1800px With the sidebar activated, the width of the blog post column is 700px. Without a sidebar, the width is 900px. With this…Continue Reading
    • Brevier Troubleshooting
      Here are a list of common issues with Brevier, and Help Desk articles for each: Why does my Featured Image duplicate when I click into a post? What are the custom widgets for Brevier, and how do I edit them?Continue Reading
    • How to install your theme (Brevier)
      Navigate to Appearance > Themes. Click on the box to Add New Theme. At the top of the screen, look for the blue button to upload theme. This will prompt you to upload your zip file, which you received in your confirmation email. Choose your file from your computer, and select open, then click Install Now.…Continue Reading
    • How to activate your Brevier theme license key
      All theme purchases include a single license key, registered to the customer who purchased the theme. You must activate your Brevier license key in order to receive any theme updates. Once activated, these update notifications will appear directly in your WordPress dashboard, usually as an orange numeric notification under the Dashboard > Updates tab. How to…Continue Reading
    • How do I customize my theme? (Brevier)
      To customize the Brevier theme, simply navigate to Appearance > Customize and use our Customizer tool to edit all parts of your site. We recommend working from top to bottom in the Customizer! You can locate the Appearance menu here:Continue Reading
    • What widgets can I use with Brevier, and how do I customize them?
      While many native WordPress widgets can be used in Brevier’s sidebar or footer, <em>press has designed 4 custom widgets for the Brevier theme. This article reviews those widgets, and how to implement them. The four custom Brevier widgets are: Brevier: About Widget Brevier: Featured Posts Brevier: Shop Widget Brevier: Topics Widget WHERE TO FIND THESE…Continue Reading
    • How do I change the layout of Brevier?
      Brevier is a unique theme in that it feels like a “traditional” blog, but has the ability to transform into a more simplistic, editorial feeling layout as well. With the Brevier theme, you can change the position of the sidebar on the Home Page, and hide the sidebar on the Home Page, post pages, or both.…Continue Reading
    • I can’t add more than 2 “topics” to the Brevier: Topics Widget.
      The Topics widget is designed to automatically add fields for another tile as soon as you fill out the second set in the series. When adding additional tiles, the widget will want you to supply an image FIRST, and then will allow you to commit changes in the text fields. So, if you’re adding a…Continue Reading
    • How do I change the color of the menu background and footer? (Brevier)
      Copy the code below, then go to Appearance > Customize and paste the code in the Additional CSS tab. The provided code will change the menu background and footer to white and make all text black; update the background and color values as you wish. Hint: Click the “view raw” link in the box below…Continue Reading
    • What size are my blog post images? (Brevier)
      Your theme documentation will outline all exactly image sizes for every space on your blog. But, here is a general sizing guide: Recommended image upload sizes for our themes: Miramar:  @1x: 850px wide  |  @2x: @1700px wide Home Page Featured Post sizes can be found here Brevier: with sidebar: @1x: 700px wide  | @2x: 1400px…Continue Reading