Brevier Quick Guide

This article includes handy, must-have information about the Brevier theme.


Playfair Display
Open Sans


Post Width

With Sidebar: 700px / 1400px  ·  No Sidebar: 900px / 1800px

With the sidebar activated, the width of the blog post column is 700px. Without a sidebar, the width is 900px.

With this in mind, if you use a sidebar on both the home page and post pages of the blog, we recommend a minimum width of 700 pixels, with images ideally uploaded at 1400px in width to ensure they look crisp on 5k Retina displays. If you choose to hide the sidebar on ANY part of the site (whether home page, post pages, or both), we recommend a minimum image width of 900px, with images ideally uploaded at 1800px in width to ensure they look crisp on retina displays.

Not sure if your users access your site on a Retina display? Recent releases of Apple MacBooks and iMacs all have 5k Retina displays. But, the best way to tell is to install Google Analytics and check the stats related to Browser Settings. Here, you’ll be able to see whether users access your site on larger, pixel dense screens. Learn more about why Retina matters for bloggers here.


We’ve built 4 custom widgets for the Brevier theme, which you can learn more about here. Some of our favorite ninja tricks with these widgets:


  • Use the Brevier: About widget as a way to push users to a or Instagram Shop page. Simply upload the photo of your choice, and use the “Link #1” and “Link #2” fields to direct users to your Instagram and shoppable Instagram platforms.
  • Repeat multiple Brevier: Shop widgets to create a mini-shop on your blog sidebar. Simply remove the title from all but the first widget in the series to create an even flow of products.
  • Create a “Featured” category on your blog, then only assign this category to posts you wish to showcase in the Brevier: Featured Posts widget. Doing this allows you to feature specific posts from multiple categories all within the same widget! Be sure to select your new “Featured” category as the category to pull from within the widget!