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  • Miramar
    • Miramar Quick Guide
      This article includes handy, must-have information about the Miramar theme. DEFAULT FONTS USED Italiana Oswald Light Montserrat Quattrocento Sans IMAGE SIZING Post Width 850px / 1700px Your blog posts are sized at 850px in width. When uploading images to your site, we recommend a minimum width of 850 pixels, with images ideally uploaded at 1700px…Continue Reading
    • Miramar Troubleshooting
      Here are common questions about Miramar, and Help Desk articles on each: What size are the Featured Post images at the top of the Miramar Home Page? How large should I size my Shop the Post widgets?Continue Reading
    • Installing your theme
      Navigate to Appearance > Themes. Click on the box to Add New Theme. At the top of the screen, look for the blue button to upload theme. This will prompt you to upload your zip file, which you received in your confirmation email. Choose your file from your computer, and select open, then click Install Now.…Continue Reading
    • How to activate your Miramar license key
      All theme purchases include a single license key, registered to the customer who purchased the theme. You must activate your license key in order to receive Miramar theme updates. Once activated, these update notifications will appear directly in your WordPress dashboard, usually as an orange numeric notification under the Dashboard > Updates tab. How to activate…Continue Reading
    • How do I edit the top featured posts in the Miramar theme?
      You can easily edit the featured posts atop the Miramar Home Page by going to Appearance > Customize. Look for the tab called Featured Posts. Here is what it looks like:   Once selected, here is the screen that loads: Unique to this area is that you can select each box to automatically feed in a particular…Continue Reading
    • What are the image/container sizes for the Featured Images at the top of the Miramar Home Page?
      The top of the Miramar Home Page allows you to feature 1 or 2 posts. Read how to turn this feature on and edit the featured posts here. Below is a guide that shows you best practices for any featured images attached to posts in this top section. With both Featured Posts enabled When you…Continue Reading
    • What size are my blog post images? (Miramar)
      Your theme documentation will outline all exactly image sizes for every space on your blog. But, here is a general sizing guide: Recommended image upload sizes for our themes: Miramar:  @1x: 850px wide  |  @2x: @1700px wide Home Page Featured Post sizes can be found here Brevier: with sidebar: @1x: 700px wide  | @2x: 1400px…Continue Reading
    • Why won’t the interstitial show on the Miramar Home Page?
      In the Miramar theme, the interstitial is the block of 3 posts that breaks up the content of the Home Page feed. If you cannot see it, there are a few ways to troubleshoot: Did you supply content for this section in the Customizer? The section requires that you provide imagery and links for the…Continue Reading
    • What size should I make my Shop the Post widgets? (Miramar)
      Any widgets embedded into post pages in the Miramar theme can be sized at 850px. Sizing anywhere from about 750-850px will also look fine! If you have purchased our Shop the Post plugin, most affiliate marketers have built their widget code to automatically reduce down in size to fit any container the widget is featured…Continue Reading
    • Installing recommended plugins
      For customers who purchase our themes 1. Upon theme activation, you will be prompted to install our recommended plugins. Two plugins will be recommended to you: The Regenerate Thumbnails plugin is for bloggers with existing content. It will resize your thumbnails according to the image sizing for Miramar. The WP Instagram Widget is for bloggers…Continue Reading