How do I edit the top featured posts in the Miramar theme?

You can easily edit the featured posts atop the Miramar Home Page by going to Appearance > Customize. Look for the tab called Featured Posts. Here is what it looks like:


Once selected, here is the screen that loads:

Unique to this area is that you can select each box to automatically feed in a particular category, OR you can select a specific post to be featured. This will come in handy if you’d like to feature older post content that is no longer on your Home Page — or is even years old. To select a post, simply type in a few keywords from the post title. The dropdown menu will automatically return posts with those words in the title, and you can select your desired post.

Additional Tips:

  • If you uncheck Enable featured post #2, Featured Post #1 will expand to the full width of your blog’s content column. This will result in a large, landscape image atop the page, which can look nice as well.
  • You can uncheck both Enable featured post #1 and Enable featured post #2 if you wish to hide this feature completely.


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