Installing recommended plugins

For customers who purchase our themes

1. Upon theme activation, you will be prompted to install our recommended plugins. Two plugins will be recommended to you:

The Regenerate Thumbnails plugin is for bloggers with existing content. It will resize your thumbnails according to the image sizing for Miramar. The WP Instagram Widget is for bloggers who wish to display an Instagram feed in the site footer.

If neither of these apply to you, click the Dismiss this notice link — the plugins are not required to run the theme! If you would like to make use of one or both of these features, click on Begin installing plugins to get started.

2. This will take you to a page where you can install and activate one or both plugins at the same time. First, check the plugin(s) you wish to install and choose Install from the Bulk Actions menu, then Apply.

3. Wait for the confirmation screen, then click the link to return to the Required Plugins Installer.

4. Next, check the plugin(s) you installed and choose Activate from the Bulk Actions menu, then Apply.

5. Wait for the confirmation, then be sure to click the link to return to the dashboard. This will ensure that no other WordPress page tries to return you to the Required Plugins Installer Page, which could cause an error if you’ve already installed and activated all recommended plugins.

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