Presidio Quick Guide

This article includes handy, must-have information about the Presidio theme.


IBM Plex Serif
IBM Plex Sans

Post and Page Width
720px / 1440px

Presidio offers a number of layout options, all of which can impact the width of images in your blog posts and on your Home Page. To accommodate the various layouts the theme supports—a good idea in case you change the theme layout in the future!—we recommend sizing images for your blog posts at a minimum image width of 720px, with images ideally uploaded at 1440px in width to ensure they look crisp on Retina displays. This will cover all theme settings, whether you have the sidebar turned on or off, or use the Featured Post at the top of the Home Page or not!


Writing Post Captions
The Presidio theme includes styling for an image caption overlay box. This allows you to write copy and embed links directly over images in your posts, which can help highlight particular features of the photo. To use, when you upload an image for a post, simply write your desired caption in the Caption box in the Insert Media screen. The caption will be inserted into the post as text, and you can then highlight pieces of the text with any links you wish to embed! For more tips on using the caption overlay feature, visit this page.

Shopping Widget Width
RewardStyle users, size your Shop the Post widget at 900px. ShopStyle users, size your widget at 1000-1100px wide. We think anywhere from 4-6 columns looks good, depending on the product image size.

Sidebar Image Width
Images uploaded to your sidebar should be sized at a minimum of 300px wide, but ideally 600px wide. The height of the image can be variable based on the widget you’re utilizing. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend keeping images the same height for like widgets. For example, if you’re using three Presidio: Highlights widgets in a row, or the Presidio: Topics widget, make sure the images are all 600px wide, and the same height, whatever you set it at.

Interstitial Image Widths
The options here are endless, because Interstitials can accept anywhere from 1 image to, well, a lot, based on the widget you load in. Play around with it, and if you’re having issues getting your images to look clean, and organized in Interstitials, email us at for assistance. We hope that doesn’t sound unhelpful—it’s just that the sizing options here are almost infinite, based on the combination of widgets you choose!

Shop the Post Plugin Width
RewardStyle users, size your Shop the Post widget at 850px. ShopStyle users, size your widget at 850px.

Page Content Width
The width of your blog’s page content mirrors that of posts. So, you can size any images uploaded to pages you create (About, Contact, etc) at a minimum width of 850 pixels. We recommend uploading at 1700px in width, for Retina displays.