Customizing Rania’s Featured Posts

Atop Rania’s Home Page, you can choose to showcase two Featured Posts, a single Featured Post, or neither. The slideshow below shows screenshots of these examples:

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To edit how many Featured Posts appear:

1. Navigate to Appearance > Customize > Featured Posts

2. For two Featured Posts, check off both “Enable Featured Post #1” and “Enable Featured Post #2.” For a single Featured Post, only check off #1. For neither, uncheck both boxes.

Customizing content in the Featured Posts:

When in use, you may customize what content feeds into the Featured Post spaces.

Checking off “Always show latest post(s)” will automatically feed in your most recently published content into the Featured Post slots.

If you would prefer to assign a previous post to the Featured Post slots, uncheck “Always show latest post(s)” and use the Select Featured Posts settings below. You can assign Featured Posts by:

  • category
  • tag
  • specific post

These settings will be useful if you would like to highlight content from a specific category or tag, or surface old/evergreen posts that are of interest to readers seasonally.