Editing Rania’s menus

Rania’s menus can be accessed by going to Appearance > Customize > Menus, or by navigation to Appearance > Menus from the WordPress dashboard. Within either Menus environment, you can create and edit multiple menus for your blog in various locations (see below).

Menu Locations in Rania:

Top Left: correlates to the menu on the top left corner of the site, atop the black background.

Top Right: correlates to the menu on the top right corner of the site, atop the black background.

Primary: correlates to the menu under your logo.

Footer: correlates to the inline list of links at the very bottom of the theme, underneath the Footer widget area.

Good to know:

  • The Top Left, Top Right, and the Primary menus all support dropdown functionality. You can create a nested dropdown menu within any items listed in these menus. Follow our tutorial here (beginning with step 6) to create a dropdown menu.
  • Top Left and Top Right menus run independently of one another, so you can choose to use one or both.

Tips for beginners, using the Customizer

  • If you do not have any menus already created for your blog, click the Add a Menu button to build one. We recommend naming it something that will match the Menu Locations (listed up above) so you won’t confuse yourself! In other words, for the menu below your Logo, name the menu “Primary.”
  • With the menu created, click the Add Items button to add categories, pages, and even external links to the menu.
  • Remember, a menu name has nothing to do with its location. You must assign a menu to a “display location” or Menu Location to get it to appear in that space.
  • Need social media icons? You can set this up in the Additional Menu Options tab.
  • Trying to create a dropdown menu in your Primary menu? Simply drag a menu item so that it slightly indents below the item above it. Your theme will automatically create a dropdown!

If you’ve already been blogging on WordPress, keep in mind that your old menus may work within the new theme, but you also may have to create new ones. It all depends on your previous theme! Be aware that if you are replacing a previous theme with the Rania theme, the theme may inherit old menu settings upon activation.

Read more about creating menus in WordPress here.