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  • Getting Started on WordPress
    • What do I need to blog on
      What do you need to blog on WordPress? It’s simple. To start a blog on, you need only a domain name, a host server, the WordPress platform itself (which is often provided by your host), a theme, and your ideas! Below are some additional articles that explain more about these pieces: What is a…Continue Reading
    • What is a web host, and why do I need it for WordPress?
      One of the most important things you need to get started on is a web host. That’s because blogs are self-hosted, meaning you provide a place to store all your blog files. Confused about what this means? Here’s our fave analogy: If your domain name is your street address on the web, think…Continue Reading
    • How do I install the WordPress platform on my host server?
      THE FAMOUS 1-CLICK INSTALL Most web hosts offer 1-click installation for WordPress. There’s no catch — it really is that simple. Look for WordPress in your hosting control panel to start the process. It may also be available under a section called Simple Scripts or 1-Click Installs, depending on your host. If you can’t find…Continue Reading
    • What’s the difference between and
      The bottom line: Blogs on, are self-hosted, meaning that you purchase server space through a web host. Think of it like paying office rent for your little piece of the Internet. You will also need to purchase a domain name (i.e.,—which in this analogy, is kind of like purchasing rights to a street…Continue Reading