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  • General Hacks
    • How do I add caption overlays to my images?
      The Miramar and Presidio themes includes styling for an image caption overlay box. This allows you to write copy and embed links directly over images in your posts, which can help highlight particular features of the photo. Here’s a link to a post where you can see an example of this in action. Here are…Continue Reading
    • Change the color of one menu item (like red for the holidays)
      Depending on the time of year—or even the menu item at hand—some users may wish to target a specific item in a menu, and give it unique styling (such as its own color!). This can be done across any of our themes. First, you’ll need to add a special class to the menu item you…Continue Reading
    • Remove the link underline effect in the Text widget
      In most of our themes the Text widget is coded with hyperlinks automatically underlined. For a reference example, check out the Text widget located in this demo site, located in the third sidebar near the bottom of the blog feed. It looks like this: Some users do not wish for these links to be underlined.…Continue Reading