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  • Managing Menus
    • I want my site to have a scrolling/sticky navigation bar. How do I get this?
      All <em>press themes come pre-loaded with a scrolling navigation menu. Our scrolling navs are programmed to fade or slide in from the top of the browser window once the user begins moving, or scrolling, down the page. Scrolling menus are naturally set to activate when you activate your theme, so you should see it on…Continue Reading
    • Building Menus for Your Theme
      Menus refer to the list of links that typically appear at the top of your blog, or in the footer. All WordPress themes rely on a menu of some sort. Menus can confuse new WordPress users, because in addition to creating a menu (i.e., deciding what links should be in the menu), you must also assign that…Continue Reading
    • What icons are supported in the social media links menu?
      Social icons in your theme can be edited by going to Appearance > Customize > Additional Menu Options. There, you will see a series of fields prompting you to input URLs to your various social platforms. It looks like this: Simply paste in the URL to your desired social media platform (e.g., and our theme…Continue Reading