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  • Writing Blog Posts
    • How do I insert a “read more” button into my blog post?
      There are two ways to see a “read more” or “continue reading” button on your site. Automatic Excerpts Many of our themes include a “natural” post break, or Read More tag, meaning that on the Home page and Archival pages, your readers will see a “Continue Reading” button after a set number of words. This is…Continue Reading
    • How do I create side by side images on a post page?
      To create side by side images, also called a diptych, first click the Add Media button. You can either upload two images or select two that you have already uploaded. Then, click the Create Gallery link and click the Create a new gallery button to continue. In the gallery settings, select link to none, then…Continue Reading
    • How do I add a link in my blog post?
      First, highlight the text you wish to link, then click the link icon in the post editor toolbar. A little box will pop up for you to enter your link. If you’re linking to a blog post within your own site, you can start typing the name of the post, and the box will search…Continue Reading