Introducing our Rania theme!

Oh, how we love her already! Meet Rania, the newest theme to join the <em>press family. She’s immersive, sophisticated, and crazy customizable. And, for the first time ever, we’ve incorporated a brand new Color Customizer directly within the theme files. That’s right—with Rania, you can customize your blog’s colors with just a few clicks.

What else do we love about her? Well, she's super content rich. You can feature weeks worth of posts on your Home Page, if you are so inclined (we think the layout flexibility makes Rania a great fit for bloggers who publish 5 or more times per week, and/or who have diverse content verticals!). With multiple interstitial and widget spaces, you can feature old post content, social media platforms, or buttons into your key categories. Or, keep things short and sweet—Rania is flexible enough that if you want to keep your Home Page feed a bit shorter and feeling more like a traditional blog with a sidebar, you can totally do so!

Ready to say hello to Rania? Below, we're showcasing our fave features, and we've built a whopping FIVE demo sites so you can see a sneak peek of what Rania can do.

Click below to view just a few of the ways you can customize Rania:

Demo 1  |  Demo 2  |  Demo 3  |  Demo 4  |  Demo 5

Billed once per year until cancelled


1. Featured Posts go large

Rania leads off with your choice of Featured Post content—choose to feature two posts, side by side; a single post displayed via a large landscape image, or neither (and instead, dive straight into your blog feed!). Featured Posts can automatically feature your most recently published content, specific posts you select, or even feed in your favorite category or tag.

View two examples of how you can set up our Featured Posts, here and here.

Billed once per year until cancelled


2. New! Our Color Customizer

At <em>press, we are always taking your feedback into consideration. Many of you have expressed interest in having more control over the colors used in your theme. With the launch of Rania, we're now including a Color Customizer in the theme Customizer! That's right—you can now easily change your blog's color scheme without purchasing our Color Pack plugins, or messing with site code on your own!

We've still made things as easy as possible for you, and built our Color Customizer to make the color application process quick! The panel thoughtfully targets key sections on your blog, making it easy to add color in an impactful way. Simply paste in your favorite color hex codes, or use the slider to choose your colors on the fly. We've also included hover effects!

View the default color scheme here.


3. On the Grid

Rania features a brand new Interstitial Grid element on the Home Page, designed to give the theme an editorial feel—and catch the reader's eye as they move down the page! The Interstitial Grid is super unique, and extremely versatile—use it as a continuation of your blog feed above, or set it as a true content interstitial, featuring specific posts you wish to highlight. And, you can even change the number of posts in your grid section—set it to one post to show off a large, landscape image. Or, feature up to 6 posts, to load even more content into your blog feed.

Each of our demos features the Interstitial Grid in various ways! Check it out here:
Demo 1  |  Demo 2  |  Demo 3  |  Demo 4 (grid hidden!)  |  Demo 5


4. So, sidebar…

With Rania, your post and page layouts are more versatile than ever. Create a global theme setting to hide the sidebar on your blog posts, or apply a no-sidebar design to individual posts of your choosing. Pages also have three layouts—full-width (sans sidebar), with a sidebar, and a two-column design!

Check out various post and page layouts here:
Post with sidebar  |  Post without sidebar  |  Page with sidebar  |  Page without sidebar  |  Two-column page


5. Interstitials and Widgets Galore!

Rania offers four interstitial and/or widget areas—you've got space to add your favorite widget features underneath the Featured Posts, in between blog post content, and in the footer too! Try stacking multiple widgets together in a single area to create a dynamic, immersive experience for your readers. We love combining widgets that cross promote content too—like in the example above, where a rewardStyle Shop the Post widget is embedded above an Instagram (or feed!

We've set up all of our demos to feature a variety of interstitial and widget combinations!
Demo 1  |  Demo 2  |  Demo 3  |  Demo 4  |  Demo 5


6. Go with the flow.

With both a traditional blog feed and the new Interstitial Grid feature (mentioned in #3 above!), there are so many ways to customize Rania's content flow! Keep your Home Page short and sweet, with just a few highlighted, large posts. Or, feature weeks worth of content, all at once. You can mix and match to feature as much or as little content as you want!

Billed once per year until cancelled


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