Linkup: April Prompt!

Thank you to everyone who participated in last month’s Link Up! We loved seeing your posts, and we’re excited to keep this thing going monthly! Today, we’re sharing April’s post prompt. Ready?

The Prompt:

If you can believe it, the first quarter of this year is already over. We’re already well into April, and you know summer is going to be here before we know it. The change in calendar got us thinking about what we’ve accomplished in the early months of this year, but even more importantly…

What are your goals over the next few months?

You can approach this prompt however you want! We’ve kept it broad as we know it could mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Maybe you have a spring/early summer bucket list you want to share. Maybe there’s a big project that you’ve been working on which you’re hoping to complete by summer. Maybe you simply want to revisit your New Year’s Resolution (wait, do you even remember what yours were?). You could even share more intangible, personal development goals (I want to stop worrying so much). Whatever’s on your mind and on your long term to do list, tell us about it by sharing what your goals are as we (eep!) head into late spring and early summer. Bonus points if you share any plans in place to make ’em happen!

Want to respond to this prompt and participate in the Link Up? Get the details below…

The Details:

This month’s linkup will take place on Wednesday, April 25. Here’s how to join in on the fun:

+ Wanna participate? Submit the permanent link to your post via this form by 8pm EST on Monday, April 23 to be included. Check out the images below for examples of where to find your post permalink in both WordPress and Blogger.

+ Make sure to schedule your post to go live the morning of Wednesday, April 25 at 6am Eastern Time.

+ We’ll send out an email on Tuesday, April 24 with final details about the post, including links to all of our participants. You can copy/paste the list we send directly into the end of your post.

Again, you can submit your permalink here! Have fun — we can’t wait to see what you write about!


Wait, what’s a Link Up?

Each month, we’ll supply a writing prompt. You can interpret the prompt however you want, or produce content for it in whatever way makes sense for your blog! On a designated day and time, you’ll publish your post, and at the end of it, link up to other blogs who are also participating. By doing this, you’ll not only get some new ideas for fun and fresh content, but you’ll also promote fellow bloggers along the way (who are promoting you, too!). The icing on the cake? All the new blog friends you’ll meet in the process!


Extra Details

Looking for your permalink URL? Here’s where you can find it in WordPress and Blogger:





Shoot us a note with any questions! We can’t wait to see your posts.


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