Due to the nature of our digital products,
we cannot offer refunds on any of our products (with a few rare exceptions).
Please read on for more about our refund policies.

Hey, how come no refunds?
We know, it might seem harsh to not offer refunds on themes, plugins, or media kit products. But we have a reason, promise. Once you checkout here, we send you all the files necessary to run our products on your WordPress site or (in the case of media kits) in Photoshop — including all the proprietary code and/or design files needed to do so. That’s what we’re selling, really, so once it’s out the door, we’ve delivered it to you and it’s hard for it to be “returned,” so to speak. So, just to be clear, because of the nature of digital products, we cannot offer refunds on our themes, select plugins, or media kit products. More details ahead…

Don’t forget, our themes are exclusively for bloggers looking to blog on Please be sure you understand what is required to run our themes before purchase. If you purchase a theme and are unable to use it or decide it does not meet your needs, we are not able to offer a refund. Feel free to email us at with any questions if you need additional help! We are always happy to help walk you through each theme’s features and find the best fit for you, before you purchase!

For migrations
If you have purchased a migration and decide to cancel it, please email us right away at, to see if a refund is available. Generally, if we have not begun your migration process, we will be able to provide you with a full refund. If your migration has already begun, we’re unfortunately not able to offer you a refund, regardless of whether we migrate you back to your original blog platform/host, or to a new home on WordPress. Note that our migrations include limited theme setup, and we reserve the right to refuse assistance with any set up or customization requests outside the scope of options requested in your Migrations Details form, which you will receive after checkout. Email us at prior to your purchase, if you have questions about what setup options and customizations are included as part of your package.

We offer a variety of plugins specifically for self-hosted sites. Some of our plugins are built exclusively for <em>press themes, while others can work on WordPress themes not built by our shop. For all plugins built specifically for <em>press themes, we are not able to offer refunds. These plugins include:

  • Font Customizer
  • Font Customizer Light
  • One Color Pack
  • Two Color Pack

For plugins designed to work with any theme, we offer refunds in very rare instances, specifically with issues related to theme compatibility. However, in these instances, we ask you to email us first: If a plugin appears to not work or look off, please email us at We will investigate how the plugin is sitting atop your existing theme code, and assess whether settings may be adjusted on your end for the plugin to integrate properly. Based on what we find, you may be eligible for a refund. While we do offer refunds on our General WordPress plugins, these are granted at our discretion only. Our General WordPress plugins include:

  • Shop the Post
  • Boutiques
  • Grid
  • Newsletter Pop Up

If you inadvertently purchase an <em>press plugin for a WordPress theme not created by us, we are not able to offer you a refund.

Use of our themes & plugins

License key

Your purchase comes with a license key, which may be activated on one live site that you own. License keys are non-transferrable; in other words, please don’t share with your friends (though we’d love for you to share where they can purchase their own!). A valid license key is required for updates and support.


We offer free email support to the license key holder for the out-of-the-box design and functionality of our products. We do not offer support for changes or modifications made to our theme or plugin files by you or a third-party developer. We also do not offer support for third-party themes or plugins.

Theme credit

We ask that you not remove the <em>press credit at the bottom of your footer. Designers, if you are using one of our themes on behalf of a client, you may list your own credit alongside ours.

You may use your General WordPress plugins (see left) on any self-hosted site.