Your Best Blog Yearly Planner

A fillable PDF Planner to plan and review your content and blogging goals


Are you ready for your best blog year in 2024? This 146-page fillable PDF planner is your roadmap to creating your 2024 content calendar and publishing schedule, understanding your analytics, and reaching all your 2024 blogging goals.

You have big
blogging goals…

You want to double your blog traffic,
so you can finally apply for that ad platform.

You want to double your affiliate revenue,
so you can feel more financially secure.

And you know the key to making your goals happen?
Is staying consistent and making the most of your content.

… But let’s be real.
Blogging is a lot.

You know you should be working on SEO,
trying to drive traffic to your blog through Pinterest,
connecting with your community on social media,
and building your email list.

And you have to do it all
while trying to figure out how to do it.

While trying to
stay on top of your posting schedule.

While hoping
all your hard work will pay off eventually.

What’s in the Planner

Your Year In Review

You’ll start by gathering all of your data for 2023, including your earnings, traffic, and content. You’ll review and breakdown the data into actionable insights for 2024.

Your Year Ahead

Armed with a clear picture of what worked and what didn’t in 2023, you’ll reflect on your vision for 2024 and map out your action steps, content, and opportunities to explore in 2024.

Your Year At A Glance

Next you’ll create your overview for the year, so that you always have reminders of the intentions you set. This will give you a starting point each quarter for more detailed planning.

Your Quarterly Review

Each quarter, you’ll choose what you most want to accomplish for your blog and map out all of the steps to get there. You’ll also have space to reflect on your blog vision.

Your Monthly Plan

Each month, you’ll track your most important blog metrics, from finances to traffic and growth. You’ll also have monthly calendars to plan out all your content and notable dates.

Your Weekly Schedule

Each week, you’ll have a planner page to map out exactly what you plan to publish that week to your blog, email newsletter, and social media platforms, all in one place.

Your Content Calendar

Never run out of blog post ideas! Through this planner you’ll identify trends and what’s working for your blog, brainstorm new ideas, and keep your content calendar up-to-date.

Your Publishing Schedule

Blogging requires a million different tasks, some that are worth your time, and others that aren’t. You’ll create a publishing schedule that works for you and adjust for your needs.

Your Blog Maintenance

Finally, take the guesswork out of blog maintenance! This planner includes quarterly and monthly checklists with the exact tasks you need to be doing for your blog maintenance.

The reviews are in!

Thanks for such a detailed planner! Excited to keep using it and execute for 2024.

— Crystal —

Very helpful to get organized for the year! I like that it’s broken out by quarter and month with reminders.

— Jill —

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