A filterable category archives plugin for bloggers


Grid applies a 3-column thumbnail grid layout to selected categories on your blog. With a built in sub-category filter menu, you can provide readers with the option to "drill down" into popular subjects. Plus, it's compatible with most WordPress themes, not just ours!

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Demo 1

Grid for single category
(with no attached sub-categories)

Demo 2

Grid featuring menu
of sub-categories

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Get creative: Grid is a perfect fit for content-rich categories like Recipes, DIYs and Outfits. Use sub-categories of each (think: "Desserts," "Decor," or "Date Night") to help users discover posts they love.

Easy Setup: In your theme Customizer, simply check off which categories you wish for Grid to apply to, save, and you're done.

Includes menu filters: Grid automatically features any sub-categories associated with your selected categories at the top of the page, as a filter menu. Users can drill down into specific types of content with ease!

Integrates with Shop the Post: Grid integrates with our Shop the Post plugin, so users can shop directly from the template.

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grid plugin reviews empress themes

I just want to tell you ladies how much I've enjoyed your products! You have created amazing themes, easy to use, and always have provided amazing customer service!

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Product Details & Specifications

Plugin Requirements
  • Requires Our plugins run on the self-hosted platform, and require a hosting plan, a domain name, a theme, and WordPress already installed, prior to upload. Learn More.
  • Use with any WordPress theme. This plugin will work with most themes, even ones not built by our shop.
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  • On another platform? Sorry, this theme will not work on Blogger, Squarespace, Wix, or ShowIt.
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