Grid – Filterable Archives


Use it to:

  • A new way to display your content: Grid applies a 3-column thumbnail grid layout to selected category archive pages. With a second archival layout in your arsenal, you can display your content in the format that suits it best!
  • Easy Setup: In your theme Customizer, simply check off which categories you wish for Grid to apply to, save, and you’re done.
  • Includes menu filters: Grid automatically features any sub-categories associated with your selected categories at the top of the page, as a menu. Users can drill down into specific types of content with ease!
  • Get creative: Grid is a perfect fit for content-rich categories like Recipes, DIYs and Outfits. Use sub-categories of each (think: “Desserts,” “Decor,” or “Date Night”) to help users discover posts they love.
  • Integrates with Shop the Post: Grid integrates with our Shop the Post plugin, so users can shop directly from the template.
  • See it in action: Check out examples of Grid here, here and here.
  • WordPress ready. This plugin is compatible with most WordPress themes, not just ours!
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