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WordPress plugin for displaying affiliate widgets in a blog feed


Got affiliate widgets? Then Shop the Post is for you. Our Shop the Post plugin displays LTK or ShopStyle shopping widgets in posts on the Home Page, so your readers can see and interact with your widgets from the Home Page, without clicking into posts!

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Customize your call to action. Edit the title of your shopping widget and create a call to action that gets them clicking.

Compatibility: Accepts WordPress shortcodes and HTML. It works best with LTK shortcodes and HTML, or ShopStyle's widget scripts. View Plugin Requirements.

Easy integration. Shop the Post integrates directly with the WordPress Classic or Block post editor. Embed your affiliate widget code directly into our custom field.

Got more questions? Don't miss our Shop the Post Plugin FAQ, which covers what it does, how to use it, and more!

What Our Customers Say

shop the post plugin reviews empress themes

Even though I am not very tech-y, setup was easy and quick. I have received a lot of positive feedback and really enjoy working on my blog again.

- A

Product Details & Specifications

Plugin Requirements
  • Requires Our plugins run on the self-hosted platform, and require a hosting plan, a domain name, a theme, and WordPress already installed, prior to upload. Learn More.
  • Use with any WordPress theme. This plugin will work with most themes, even ones not built by our shop.
  • Affiliate ready. The plugin works best with LTK and ShopStyle widgets. It will also work with Amazon HTML widgets; however their widgets do not include a product slider feature. NOTE: The product slider functionality viewable in our theme demos is tied to the affiliate platform you are using and is NOT part of the plugin itself.
  • user? Read this before purchasing. We may not be able to offer support for Business Plan customers.
  • On another platform? Sorry, this theme will not work on Blogger, Squarespace, Wix, or ShowIt.
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